1978 Fender Telecaster Blonde

Only a handful of guitar designs have proven as iconic as the elegantly straight forward Fender Telecaster. The Fender Tele has been in production continuously for the past six decades. The simple, yet effective design of the plank and that revolutionary "Twang" broke ground and set trends in the evolution of Country, Electric Blues and Rock and Roll. The Tele has inspired countless artists, like Albert Collins, Merle Haggard, Muddy Waters, James Burton, Roy Buchanan and Keith Richards to name only a few who have forged their musical pathways utilizing the incredible tonal characteristics and playability created by the artistry of the Fender Tele. Everyone from Les Paul to Jimmy Page has played the Fender Tele. Not only did it become tremendously popular with the working-class western swing and country bands, but with the rise of rock & roll, the Fender Tele became standard Hollywood studio issue. It was everywhere, from TV to radio and beyond. The Fender Tele is the sound of Rock and Roll!

This vintage 1978 Tele is a Rock'n Roll dream and a time capsule miracle! This beautiful blonde bombshell is ALL ORIGINAL, including the frets and comes complete with the original hard case! This guitar is in NEAR MINT CONDITION, UNDER THE BED, COLLECTORS GRADE, ONE OWNER, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! The serial number is S838679 and the pot codes all read 1377848. Everything correct, everything perfect, no excuses! Features include Ash body, original 3-ply black-white-black pickguard and maple neck with walnut back-stripe and original F tuners.

And now for the best part - the neck... seventies Teles usually have necks with medium/thin profiles - NOT THIS ONE! The thickness of the neck measures .890 at the first fret and .990 at the 12th. This guitar is fairly light, weighing 9 lbs. 12 oz . It has a low action and a very speedy playing feel. These pups scream! The neck pickup sounds thick but not muddy; the bridge, bright but not shrill; and both at once, honky but smooth. Everything from basic open chords to complex cluster voicings sound vivid, balanced, and huge. The tone is warm, bright, bluesy and sweet, with a great dual-pickup rhythm vibe and a fat, spanky lead sound. The righteousness of a great vintage guitar can't be denied and this guitar has plenty of that Tele "bite" plus that smooth warm tone that trickles down your throat like a shot of Southern Comfort.

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Plays, feels, looks and sounds AWESOME! She's the MOJO of the MASTERS, CAPTURED and ELECTRIFIED in one GOOD "PLANK" of WOOD!

$3000 includes domestic shipping - SOLD

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